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Joke ID 1232

Work: [21] 'Lloyd's Weekly Newsp...'(10/05/1891, periodical)
> Transcription: [536] from page : 7
>> Joke: 1232


Tom Toutem : D'year, gents, ef yer want a real moral for the Flatketcher's Stakes, I can give yer one for a trifle. Jest 'ad it d'rect from Lord Wideawake, the howner of Greased Lightning, as 'as two horses in the race. - Sportsman : Go on ! Get out ! - T.T : Gitaht ! Who d'ye think y'are, ordering' people orf the 'eath ? Think you're a bloomin' Steward ? - Sportsman : I believe so. Anyway, I'm Lord Wideawake, and if ---[But T.T. was non est.]



  • Newspaper title:Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
  • Date:10/05/1891
  • Article Title: Jokes of the Day
  • Joke taken from: Page 7
  • Book Editor:None
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