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Work: [1] 'The Book of Humour, ...'(1880, book)
> Transcription: [3] from page s: 15-16
>> Joke: 3

An Unrehearsed Stage Effect.

A good story is told of a certain actor whose fate it was to represent the inferior personages in the drama, such as messengers, serving-men, etc. One night, a certain great tragedian being engaged, the poor actor, enacting the character of a servant, had to repeat these word"s,— My Lord, the coach is waiting." Thiswasall he had to say, but turning to thegallery part of the audience, he added, with stentorian voice, ''And permit me further to observe, that the man who raises his handagainst a woman, save in the wayof kindness, is unworthy the name of a Briton." Shouts of applause followed. After the play, on being remonstrated with by the great tragedian for this innovation, he replied, "Iregret to have annoyed you, but it's my benefit next week, and Imust make myself popular with the audience."



  • Book title: The Book of Humour, Wit & Wisdom. A manual of table-talk. [By L. C. Gent?]]
  • Date: 1880
  • Joke taken from: Page 15
  • Book Editor: GENT, L. C.
  • City: London, Edinburgh
  • Country: England, Scotland
  • Added by: ben
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