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Joke ID 51

Work: [1] 'The Book of Humour, ...'(1880, book)
> Transcription: [41] from page s: 41-42
>> Joke: 51

Sheridan at a Westminster Election.

Mr. Timbs, in his " Wits and Humorists" relates the following anecdote:— Towards the close of the election, when all the exertions of Sheridan's friends had failed to secure his return, he bore his defeat withgoodhumour. A sailor, anxious to view the proceedings, had climbed one of the supports in front of the hustings. As Sheridan commenced his speech, his eye fell upon the tar aloft, which he turned to ludicrous account by saying that had hebut other five hundred voters as upright as the pei*pendicular gentleman before him, they would yetplace him where he was— at the head of the pole!— A person on horseback had penetrated the crowd near the hustings, when the horse became restive, and there was a loud outcry against the intrusion; while some strove to appease the clamour, others urged Sheridan to proceed. " Gentlemen," replied he, "when the chorus of the horse and his rideris finished,Ishall commence."



  • Book title: The Book of Humour, Wit & Wisdom. A manual of table-talk. [By L. C. Gent?]]
  • Date: 1880
  • Joke taken from: Page 41
  • Book Editor: GENT, L. C.
  • City: London, Edinburgh
  • Country: England, Scotland
  • Added by: ben
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