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Joke ID 67

Work: [1] 'The Book of Humour, ...'(1880, book)
> Transcription: [53] from page s: 48-49
>> Joke: 67

Napoleon's Hatredof Sir Hudson Lowe.

""Iunderstand," said Napoleon to one of his attendants, that this governorproposed an officer should enter my chamber to see me,if Idid not stir out. Any person," continued he, with much emotion, " who endeavours to force his way into my apartment, shall be a corpse the moment he enters it. If he ever eats bread or meat again,Iam not Napoleon. This Iam determinedon. Iknow that Ishall be killed afterwards, as what can one do against a camp? Ihave faced death too many times to fear it. Itoldhim, a few days ago, that if he wantedto put an end to me,he would have a very good opportunity, by sending somebody to force his way into my chamber. That Iwould immediately make a corpse of the first that entered, and thenIshould be of course despatched,and he might writehome tohis government, that Bonaparte was killedin a brawl ! Ialso told himto leave me alone,and not to torment me withhis hateful presence. Ihave seen Prussians, Tartars, Cossacks, Calmucks, etc., but never before in my life have Ibeheld so ill-favoured and so forbidding a countenance."



  • Book title: The Book of Humour, Wit & Wisdom. A manual of table-talk. [By L. C. Gent?]]
  • Date: 1880
  • Joke taken from: Page 48
  • Book Editor: GENT, L. C.
  • City: London, Edinburgh
  • Country: England, Scotland
  • Added by: ben
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