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Joke ID 72

Work: [1] 'The Book of Humour, ...'(1880, book)
> Transcription: [57] from page s: 50-51
>> Joke: 72

The Sick Minister.

A venerable divine,who,in his day and generation, was remarkablefor his primitive and abstinent mode of life, at length fell sick, and was visited by a kind-hearted lady from a neighbouring parish. On her proposing to make somebeef-tea,heinquiredwhatit was; and beinginformed, he promised to drink it at his usual dinner hour. The soup was accordingly made in the most approved manner, and the lady went home, directing him to drink a quantity eveiy day until her return. This occurred a few days afterwards, when the lady was surprised to see the beef-tea almost undiminished, and to hear it denouncedby the worthy clergyman as the worst thing he had ever tasted. She determined to try it herself, and having heated a small quantity, pronounced it excellent. "Ay, ay," quoth the divine, "it may drink wellenough that way,but tryit wi' the sugar and cream as Idid."



  • Book title: The Book of Humour, Wit & Wisdom. A manual of table-talk. [By L. C. Gent?]]
  • Date: 1880
  • Joke taken from: Page 50
  • Book Editor: GENT, L. C.
  • City: London, Edinburgh
  • Country: England, Scotland
  • Added by: ben
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