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Joke ID 983

Work: [13] 'Lloyd's Weekly Newsp...'(09/08/1891, periodical)
> Transcription: [528] from page : 7
>> Joke: 983


JONES : I was never so insulted in m life. What do you think ? See that lanky, bowlegged, splay footed cockatoo with a red nose and white hat ? Well, he asked me the way to Charing-cross, and I showed him ; and he offered me half a crown. Well, I should have pocketed the insult. - Jones : That's just what I did. What are you going to have ?



  • Newspaper title:Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
  • Date:09/08/1891
  • Article Title: Jokes of the Day
  • Joke taken from: Page 7
  • Book Editor:None
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